Staging Your Home for Sale?

When your home is on the market, your goal is to make it look like the perfect home — not just for you, but for anyone. Potential buyers aren't interested in seeing the clutter and chaos of your family's life. Nor do they want you to move out, strip out the carpets and paint the walls an inoffensive beige. It's hard for buyers to imagine how they'll use a space if it is too personal or too impersonal. Arranging your home that appeals to everyone leads to faster sales at higher prices.

Here are some tips for staging your space to make your home look like anyone's dream home.

Clean thoroughly. Once you've lived in a home for a while, you stop seeing the dusty corners in the closets and basements, but buyers will notice what you don't. You want your home to look well loved and cared for by scrubbing from the ceiling to the baseboards. Be prepared for buyers to ask about storage spaces, like the attic and garage, and don't neglect those often-forgotten spaces.

Declutter. Everyone has items they need only occasionally or seasonally, like holiday decorations, luggage, seasonal clothing, and bedding. If you don't need these items before you move, consider renting a storage unit and storing them offsite to make your home's storage spaces look more prominent.

Depersonalize. Family photos, your children's softball trophies, your pets' toys, and equipment from your hobbies keep buyers from thinking of the space as their own. Put them all away before potential buyers come.

Make the most of the space. Once you've decluttered, think about how else you can use spaces for storage or hobbies. Rearrange your furniture to make your home look open, airy, and walkable.

Let the light in. Adding more light fixtures and removing dark curtains can make your space look larger and cleaner.
Home staging doesn't have to be an elaborate operation. It doesn't take much time or money, but it can make your home sell quickly and for more money.

If you need ideas for how to stage your space, call us today; we'd be happy to help.

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