Take Five with Tracy Grubb Robinson

My dad, Lou Grubb, owned Lou Grubb Chevrolet in Phoenix, AZ. When he first began advertising for the dealership, it was affordable to purchase five minutes of air time on the local radio stations. He would start by saying “Hello, I am Lou Grubb”, and he would tell a little story or share an anecdote that made one want to stop and listen.  Then, he would follow the ad with some music to enjoy. Very often, the ads would have nothing to do with selling cars.  Instead, my dad would simply share something worth mentioning, worth thinking about, and then pick out a song for the listener to enjoy while pondering the message he shared. 

Eventually, the ads were placed on TV and of course were no longer 5 minutes long.  But, the idea of “Taking 5” is still a great one.  As part of our bi-monthly newsletter, I would like to encourage you to “Take 5” with an enlightening, positive message to ponder.  Coming soon…I will be carrying on the tradition of Taking 5 in our upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

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