The Bubble Lady

We had the opportunity to go to San Diego this summer. It had been our first trip to the beach since pre-COVID and it was such a treat to be near the ocean again, with a cool breeze, sand under our feet, and bubbles. Yes, I said bubbles. We had the unexpected pleasure to be sitting at the boardwalk, watching bubbles fly. A woman that we pegged as “The Bubble Lady” had three buckets of soapy water and several handmade wands designed to create bubbles of all sizes. She welcomed anyone who wanted to create the bubbles to come and join her. People of all ages came and went… creating bubbles big and small.

What we noticed the most was the change that came upon every person walking down the boardwalk. Suddenly, we witnessed the inner child come out in everyone that passed by. Stopping to watch, smiling, frolicking, or jumping up to pop the bubbles… it was magical and beautiful. 

Whenever we take a trip, we reflect on what our favorite moment was. Often there are several moments, but this time it was clear…the bubbles!!!” we both exclaimed as we remembered the events of the weekend. It came as a reminder that it is the simple things in life that are the most joyful. It is when we find our inner child that we can appreciate the true pleasures in life. 

When it comes to my job as a Realtor, the best part is helping others find their happiness, their joy, when they find that perfect place to call home. It really is a blessing. 

Enjoy your day, and don’t forget to allow your inner child to make you smile.

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